International School Dhaka

Mobile Phone Policy (draft)

The school recognises the advantages mobile phones have for communication and security for both students and staff at ISD. The technology of mobile phones has developed such that they now have the facility to record sound, take photographs and video images. Therefore the school also recognises the advantages mobile phones have as a ubiquitous learning tool. However, this new technology is open to abuse leading to the invasion of privacy. This policy allows for use of the technology while protecting the individual and maintaining a working educational environment.

Guidelines for use:
  • Students are allowed to carry mobile phones.
  • Student are allowed to use their mobile phone in lesson times at the discression of the teacher.
  • The multimedia functions of the mobile phones (audio, image and video recording) are to be used following the school's code of ethics. Permission is to be sought for the use of any images, sounds or videos taken of other students or teachers.
  • Mobile phones are banned from use in public examinations, such as IB Diploma, and students are at risk of being disqualified should their mobile phone be misused or cause disruption.
  • The calculator facility of mobile phones cannot be used as part of any examination.
  • Mobile phones are expensive items and the school will not take any responsibility for the phone if it happens to be stolen or lost whilst in school.

Consequences of misuse:
  • Mobile phones may be confiscated if they are being used during lesson time inappropriately.
  • In the event of a mobile phone being used to record sound, photographic or video images of any persons in the school, pupils or staff, without prior permission, the mobile phone will be confiscated.
  • In the case where a mobile phone is used to record sound, pictures or video images which are deemed to be an invasion of privacy the school will reserve the right apply an appropriate sanction which could include exclusion from school and, in extreme cases, permanent exclusion.