Student and Staff Printing Policy

Printing on the ISD campus is available from computers in the Elementary and Secondary computer laboratories, the library and all administrative offices. In addition to this all laptop users are configured to a printer in the secondary building. The following guidelines have been developed with the premise that B&W printing is the normal method and colour printing is the exception.
Objectives of these guidelines:
  • To discourage wasteful use of paper and printing supplies
  • To foster an environmentally aware school community

Who Can Print

All current computer users with an ISD network account can print from the available desktop computers. All users may print in B&W from any computer. Colour printing is restricted to the computer laboratories and some administrative areas. Laptop users may only print in B&W. Due to the cost of laser B&W and laser colour printing some restrictions will be imposed in order to meet the objectives of the printing policy.

Printing Accounts and Card System

Each user will have an account for printing at ISD. At any time a user can check the current account balance and history of recent print jobs. Each user will be responsible for his/her account. The IT Department will not be held responsible if someone else has printed from the users account. The print log will be audited every month for all print jobs.
A card system exists to allow users to access extra printing if needed and plan for special projects. Each card will have an allocated amount in Taka that will represent a certain number of B&W and/or colour printouts. The cost of each printout will be reviewed as needed. To activate the card the user must enter a PIN number into the software window.
Full details on how to use printing accounts and activate cards are available in the “ISD Printing Manual”.

Allotment for Printing

All users will be allotted a balance at the start of each month (amount to be determined by the IT Department) which can be used for B&W and colour printing. Once that allotment has been used the card system will be used under the following guidelines.
Card System for Students:
  • B&W printing: Extra cards are to be purchased from the school shop in Taka values of 25, 50, and 100
  • Colour printing: All students must seek permission for colour printing. Cards can be issued by teachers and tutors according to the curriculum needs at the time in Taka values of 25, 50 and 100. Extra cards may be purchased at the school shop for special projects above the needs of the teacher-directed task
Card System for Teachers and Administrative Staff:
  • Users will be reimbursed for printing for curricular or administrative purposes
  • At the discretion of the administrative heads staff may also purchase extra cards for non-school directed printing
Printer Problems
Users may request a print card refund from IT Support if the printout is unreadable due to an error in the hardware, if the printout is wrinkled or if the printer queue affects the output of the job. A refund cannot be requested for non-printer errors such as blank pages at the end of a document, jobs sent to the printer by mistake, printing the wrong document, or spelling mistakes or other valid problems as identified by IT Support.
Printing Guidelines
The following points are designed to maximize the efficiency of the printing process at ISD.
  1. Use PRINT PREVIEW at all times to check print settings before printing.
  2. Send the printing to the correct printer.
  3. Submit the PRINT command only once to avoid printing multiple copies of a document. Allow adequate time to ensure a successful print job before re-sending.
  4. Where possible, duplex or double-sided printing is to be used.
  5. Do not load any communal printer with recycled paper to avoid duplex misprints.
  6. Notify the IT Support staff of any technical problem immediately.
  7. Only print materials of academic relevance or co-curricular significance.
  8. For preference, avoid using any printer for more than one copy of anything. Bulk run requests for colour printing must go through the Head of Section. B&W multiple copies of a document should go for photocopying.
  9. Avoid pages with solid coloured backgrounds (e.g. banners) and aim to use colour paper instead.
  10. For preference users should learn how to use digital imaging software so that photo quality can be maximized and reprinting minimized (e.g. brightness, contrast, cropping, colour saturation).
  11. All printer users are to be familiar with the “ISD Printing Manual”. This document contains all the updated information on different printer models and their location.