Laptop Initiative For Education

Laptop Users Agreement: Students

The following guidelines have been formulated to facilitate the use of laptops at ISD. For a personal laptop to be used at ISD on the network the following must be agreed to by parents and students prior to having the laptop configured.

1. The laptop is to be for the personal use of the student-owner. No one else is to use the laptop and alter settings or misuse files.
2. The laptop is to be brought to school everyday and used when required for academic purposes.
3. It is the student’s responsibility to contact IT Support when the laptop needs technical assistance.
4. The laptop is to be configured for the school network via the wireless LAN under the following conditions
  • That it meets the specified hardware and software requirements
* ISD reserves the right to limit student administrative access if required for educational purposes
  • ISD will install and maintain the school-bought and student-purchased Norton anti-virus corporate edition software
  • ISD will not be responsible for installing or removing software but will reserve the right to do so if the laptop is in violation of the school's requirements
* ISD will be responsible for installing essential licensed software as paid for via the Laptop User Fee
5. Students are not to install any alternative anti-virus software, Norton corporate is the only virus software to be used and this will be monitored by ISD.
6. While at school students are not to use P2P downloading software (e.g. Kazaa) or to download large files that are not specifically for educational use. Extreme downloads will be monitored.
7. Instant messaging software (e.g. MSN Messenger) and chat areas are not to be used unless directed by a teacher as part of a specific learning activity. The same applies to VOIP software, such as Skype.
8. While using the laptop on the network at ISD student’s are to observe the Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy as summarised below:
  • Use of email (Squirrelmail) is to be appropriate at all times. Email is to be checked at least once a day and the mailbox cleared regularly. Only the users account is to be used to send and receive mail.
  • Use of the network should follow the Code of Ethics at ISD with respect for all other users being a priority.
  • Intentional misuse may result in consequences including the suspension of network privileges.

Please complete the form below and return to the Head of Technology. A copy of this agreement is available for download via the school Intranet.

To the Head of Technology,
We have read the Laptop Users Agreement and understand the conditions under which the student laptop is to be used at ISD.
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