Digital Literacy and E-Learning at Qatar Academy


Digital literacy is the ability to use digital technology, communication tools or networks to locate, evaluate, use and create information. According to Wikipedia, "The term digital literacy is being increasingly used by educational institutions and other organizations who require that their students or employees possess a basic level of computer technology skills." See Digital Literacy.
At Qatar Academy we refer to digital literacy and e-Learning as components of the approaches to learning and skill development continuum requirements at all levels of the curriculum. E-Learning refers to the use of online technologies including the Internet and email for learning and to enhance the learning experience for all. This plan is to be read and realised in conjunction with the Information Literacy objectives for the school.
See these resources for further definitions and information about e-Learning:
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As part of our ICT integration program at QA we aim to develop and implement a sequential program that is integrated into the curriculum. It will focus on developing literacy with digital tools as well as promoting E-Learning experience and facility. The aim is for teachers and students to be comfortable and capable using 'just in time' tools in order to improve learning environments.


  • Development of a plan that shows a scope and sequence for digital literacy integration (PreK-12)
  • Development of curriculum integration guidelines and support documents for every subject area
  • Professional development requirements: Plan for 'just in time' approach for teachers and students based on integration objectives

Professional Development


Literacy Objectives for Our Time Blog post, Julie Lindsay, October 2006
Globally Literate Presentation by Clarence Fischer for K12 Online Conference 2006 (Link to video)
Joyce Valenza's Information Fluency wiki and "You know you're a 21st century librarian if....." and Never Ending Search Blog and this video 'Be Cybersmart: Intelligent and effective research strategies'
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